Highway to Health by PNEU

The French are not thanked enough for their contributions to the world but thank you France for PNEU.

If torture within Abu Ghraib can be defined as exposing prisoners to unwelcome heavy metal, then what glitch in the law allows my employee to torture me in the workplace with repetitive chart swill.

PNEU is the ultimate antidote to what a lesser writer may describe as Pleb Music. A welcome interruption to awful reality of pleb radio domination. A crowbar with which to dislodge that spiteful, monotonous face that smiles out from every pleb workplace, pleb car stereo and pleb friday night disco.

PNEU are an army of exceptionally talented math-noise rock musicians who make a sound powerful enough to conquer more territory than Napoleon compressed into the limbs of two Frenchmen from Tours.

Translated into English, Pneu means tyre (or tire in American) and the fact that they are French becomes almost irrelevant as the mostly instrumental duo rips through any language barriers thrusting live audiences into whirlwinds of excitement and imprinting their own brand of tyre tracks onto the brains of spectators.

Highway to Health, PNEU’s second album, has helped me through many oppressive working days where, without access to my personal music player, I would be subject to whatever music station is chosen by the owner of my workplace. And I can guarantee that for the continuation of this reality, this workplace will never observe any radio station that includes tracks even half as amazing as Grill Your Eyes or Clapasetsu. In other words – commercial Pleb Music for pubescents, retards and people unfortunate enough not to know any better.

If you are experiencing mental health issues associated with workplace Pleb Music Exposure (PME), there is no authorities to take your complaint before, no court tribunal to enforce your thought-space hygiene rights. All I have to offer is PNEU.

Sounds like:


Don Caballero

Lightning Bolt


Described as:

French Hardcore/Punk

Math Rock,

Noise Rock



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