Cerulean by Baths

The name Baths comes from that unique time in the day when Wiesenfeld allowed his mind to absorb, mold and tinker with the thoughts gathered in the previous hours.

Emerging from those bathy moments of escape most of us will have, at most, achieved a sense of distance from the harrowing drudgery of the working day.

Will Wiesenfeld, however, found within the experience a magnificent bubbling of colliding universes that burst into each other combining and transforming infinity varieties of standard model universes into mini-verse clusters that slowly glisten as they drift into the cosmos unseen by human senses.

Much to the misfortune of everyone not sharing the same bathtime.

Cerulean is the physical capturing of Wiesenfeld’s cluster-verses in an audio prism and made into vessels on which to transmit his  soul. Desires, cuteness, loves and memories swirl within Cerulean amongst the cluster-verse samples that are sucked in against their will like galaxies falling into the event horizon of a black hole.

We are left swimming against the tide of gravity then along with it before realising gravity has all but vanished from this particular place in the multi-verse, a place before and after time and space, a whimsical yet passionate place, a tragic yet joyful place.

Cerulean is the bitter sweet edge of creation where the gods go to contemplate. Although ask Will Wiesenfeld what has just occurred and he will simply reply: a nice long bath.

Sounds like:

Toro Y Moi


Washed Out

Flying Lotus

Nosaj Thing

Neon Indian




Passion Pit



Described as:






Melancholic Electro-Pop


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