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PNEU : Autosafe Unicorn

PNEU : Autosafe Unicorn

Autosafe Unicorn by PNEU : From the album Highway to Health.

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Baths : You’re My Excuse To Travel

Baths : You're My Excuse To Travel

Baths – You’re My Excuse to Travel.
From the album Cerulean.
If you still want me to be there,
I’d be there in a minute to say:
“I love you enough to drive like an hour from
wherever I am to be with you”

And it is always the simplest shit that means the most
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Breakthroughs in Modern Art by Six Gallery

The news can hardly have escaped your attention. Six Gallery have gone AWOL since March of 2011. This interview with Altsounds is the last official sighting of the band before the events documented below which made such a profound impact on all who witnessed them.

Following a lazy investigation and interrogations of unreliable and sometimes ficticious witnesses I have compiled a short history of the fate of Six Gallery since the release of Breakthroughs in Modern Art in 2010.

One of the earliest signs that something was quietly brewing within the atmosphere of Six Gallery became apparent in the manner which vocalist Daniel J. Francis responded to rumours that he was quitting the band to breed snails on a small farm back in Athens, Ohio where the band originated.

Upon hearing the rumours, he decided that raising snails may be more lucrative an investment in his time than producing the most compelling bitter-sweet-raw accompanying vocals to some of the most challenging and rewarding math-post-art rock guitar and keyboard creations granted the gift of life.

Francis promptly disappeared into obscurity leaving fellow band members
Will Vokac, Ben Schreiber, Alex Weinhardt and drummer Benji Miller to repay library loans for a copy of ‘Snail Farming in Harsh Climates’ which mysteriously became unobtainable around the same time.

During the famous “hiatus” period, when they refused to leave their apartment without creating a substantial quantity of high intensity mind worming instrumental tangents, they began to notice a public reaction to the hermetic tendencies that Six Gallery had begun displaying.

Every morning the band would receive at least thirty emails reporting spontanious fits of tears amongst listeners to their Breakthroughs in Modern Art album; Tears of joy that such a beautiful composition exists juxtaposed by tears of apprehension that the band may never release another record after the departure of Francis; the band decided to return to their original instrumental only line-up whilst leaving the position of vocalist open to suggestions.

Around this time, which many music journals have condemned as the ‘Dark Ages of Six Gallery’ the band began to compose and collect a treasure trove of secretive recordings that have been classified from public release due to their immensity of intelligence and compounded passion which was described by band-members as ‘Too advanced for public consumption at this time’. These recordings have become known as the ‘Black Vault Tapes’ in reference to the combined emotional response of the band to their situation.

Fanzines throughout Germany, Japan, Australia and the UK have reported secretive gigs by anonymous musicians dressed in long robes and beards making such incredible sound maps of almost incomprehensible structure and depth that witnesses claim that it can only be Six Gallery testing out new material on unsuspecting audiences.

Whatever the genius of Six Gallery finally manufactures, we can only be thankful that they first left us with Breakthroughs in Modern Art to keep the anticipation at a heightened pitch.

Described as: 

Math rock


Art rock

Compared to:

Minus the Bear


Maps & Atlases

Circa Survive frontman Anthony Green

This Town Needs Guns

American Football



Artwork inspired by the song Bermuda Triangles from the album Breakthroughs in Modern Art. Listen to more Six Gallery here

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